Power Moves

The ViPR rolls strength training and fat burning into one perfect workout tool. Get our 6-move routine.

If you haven’t had your hands on a ViPR yet, you’re about to be all over it. The unassuming hollow rubber tube has the power to overhaul your workout — and your body — delivering a fast and effective session that simultaneously torches fat and builds muscle.

Created by kinesiologist and Equinox Health Advisory Board Member Michol Dalcourt, the ViPR (which stands for vitality, performance and reconditioning) is part of an entirely new exercise category called Whole Body Integration (WBI). Instead of working muscles in isolation, this progressive approach to training advocates movements that require the body to work synergistically — as it does in any “real life” situation outside the walls of a fitness club.

When given more complex, multi-dimensional patterns of movement to complete, the body is forced to harmonize and recruit muscles to work together. The benefits: First, your body will function properly since you will be less likely to over-train or under-train certain muscle groups and create imbalances in the body. Second, working multiple muscle groups at once means higher calorie burn and faster, more efficient sessions.

The ViPR enhances this approach to training by adding an element of difficulty, which is why you'll find it in a number of group fitness classes and almost every personal training session at Equinox. The weighted rubber tube with cut-out handles (ranging from 4 kg -26 kg) designed to be lifted, flipped, rolled, tilted and rotated in every and all directions (there are over 9,000 exercises in the ViPR library), increases the load the body is working with and against. Meaning, in some positions the ViPR acts as a simple resistance tool, fatiguing muscles the same way a dumbbell or barbell would. But in others, because of the type of complex, multi-directional moment being performed, the cylinder pulls the body away from its center of gravity, requiring a high level of balance and agility to complete the exercise — taxing the body in a whole new core-centric, calorie-burning, total-body-sculpting kind of way.

Senior national creative manager for group fitness at Equinox Lisa Wheeler hand-selected six moves for Furthermore from the ViPR rolodex. "This combination strongly represents the ViPR methodology of multi-directional movement, loading to unloading and using the entire body for all exercises," says Wheeler, who's been deemed a trusted ViPR authority by Dalcourt himself. "The workout involves level changes, locomotion, stationary force and agility to create a total body training program."

Click through the slideshow below to see animated gifs of the moves demonstrated by New York City-based group fitness instructor Angel Alicea. Perform the indicated reps for each exercise once, circuit-style, then repeat twice more.

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